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2022 Experimental Assessment of Nanoimprinted Textured Frontsheets for PV Modules  L. Clasing, D. Werner-Meier, L.W. Veldhuizen, U. Blieske Information
2022 Evaluation of Solar Radiation Potential at the Shooting Point by Identifying the Sky Area of Sky Image Using U-Net A. Sago, Y. Ueda Information
2022 Efficient Charge Carrier Extraction in Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Investigated by Numerical Simulation C. Messmer, J. Schön, U. Würfel, P.S.C. Schulze, M.C. Schubert, M. Bivour, S.W. Glunz, M. Hermle Information
2022 Effect of Thermal Radiation Entropy on the Outdoor Efficiency Limit of Single Junction Solar Cells H. Ziar Information
2022 Effect of Wafer Thickness on the Performance of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells under 1-Sun and Indoor Illumination U. Chime, L. Wolf, V. Buga, D. Weigand, A. Gad, J. Köhler, A. Lambertz, W. Duan, K. Ding, T. Merdzhanova, U. Rau, O. Astakhov Information
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