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2021 Effects of Plasma Etching on Dopant Compensation between p- and n-Type Poly-Si Fingers in Passivated Interdigitated Back Contact Solar Cells M.B. Hartenstein, S. Harvey, W. Nemeth, V. LaSalvia, M. Page, D.L. Young, S. Agarwal, P. Stradins Information
2021 Efficiency Loss in Coloured Photovoltaics: Estimating the Contribution from Reflection Loss and Absorption Loss A. Røyset, T. Kolås, M. Rudzikas, A.G. Ulyashin Information
2020 Early Stage Quality Assessment in Silicon Ingots from MDP Brick Characterization A.S. Kovvali, M. Demant, B. Rebba, N. Schüler, J. Haunschild, S. Rein Information
2020 Early Casualties in Five PV Plants in France: A Sustainability Perspective on Complete PV Fault Diagnostics for Revamping J.A. Tsanakas, D.-L. Ha, F. Al-Shakarchi Information
2020 Effective Lifetime Variations Significant for Process Evaluation or Just an Artifact of Wafer Size and Quality? – An Attempt to Quantify Material Induced Variations C. Fischer, A. Schmid, A. Zuschlag, G. Hahn Information
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