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2020 Effect of CdS1-xTex Intermix Layer Thickness on CdTe Solar Cell Performance N. Kumar Das, S.F.U. Farhad, J. Chakrabartty, M.A. Matin, N. Amin Information
2020 Encapsulation Polymer Screening via Ultra-Fast Aging under High Irradiance UV LED N. Pinochet, J.-F. Lelièvre, R. Couderc, A. Derrier Information
2020 Evaluation Method of PV Module Degraded by Shunt Resistance Decrease Using I-V Curve Measured in Exposure T. Kohno, E. Bayu Miftahullatif, M. Fujimori, Y. Nagayama, T. Nakamura, K. Kondo, K. Banba, N. Fujii Information
2020 Elevated Temperatures Affecting Efficiency, Overall Performance and Energy Yield of PV Microinverters S. Krauter, J. Bendfeld Information
2020 Encapsulant-Integrated Interconnection of Bifacial Solar Cells for BIPV Applications: Latest Results in the Twill-BIPV Project J. Govaerts, T. Borgers, R. Van Dyck, N. Andries, P. Meyers, A. van der Heide, L. Vastmans, R. Moors, G. Doumen, P. Nivelle, M. Daenen, E. Voroshazi, C. Arnett, R. Labie, M. Van den Storme, G. Van den Storme, S. Vandebroek, P. Schroyen, K. Smeers, T. Vavilkin, S. Dewallef, F. Abgrall, D. Jousset, J. Poortmans Information
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