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2020 Extended Lifetime of Organic Solar Cells with New Non-Fullerene Acceptors R. López Vicente, J. Abad, M. Espindola-Rodriguez, M. Fernández Castro, J.W. Andreasen, A. Urbina Information
2020 End-of-Life Management of Photovoltaic Panels in Austria: Current Situation and Outlook T. Dobra, M. Wellacher, R. Pomberger Information
2020 Extending Quality and Adapting for the Future: The European Solar Test Installation Laboratory Extends Its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation to Cover Bi-Facial Devices, Energy Rating Power Matrix and Device Linearity L. Castellazzi, J. Lopez-Garcia, E. Salis, D. Pavanello, D. Shaw, H. Müllejans, G. Bardizza, R.P. Kenny, M. Field, T. Sample, W. Zaaiman, E.D. Dunlop Information
2020 Environmental Stability of the Semi-Flexible HJT Solar Panels S. Yakovlev, E. Schebet, K. Emtsev, D. Andronikov, A. Abramov, D. Orekhov, I. Shakhray Information
2020 Enhanced Blue Response of Poly-Si/SiOx Passivating Contacts for High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells K. Chen, V. LaSalvia, W. Nemeth, S. Theingi, A. Bothwell, M. Hartenstein, H. Guthrey, A.S. Kale, M. Page, P. Stradins, S. Agarwal, D.L. Young Information
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