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2020 Extending Quality and Adapting for the Future: The European Solar Test Installation Laboratory Extends Its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation to Cover Bi-Facial Devices, Energy Rating Power Matrix and Device Linearity L. Castellazzi, J. Lopez-Garcia, E. Salis, D. Pavanello, D. Shaw, H. Müllejans, G. Bardizza, R.P. Kenny, M. Field, T. Sample, W. Zaaiman, E.D. Dunlop Information
2020 Enhancing PV Module Thermomechanical Performance and Reliability by an Innovative Mounting Solution A.J. Beinert, A. Masolin Information
2020 Extended Lifetime of Organic Solar Cells with New Non-Fullerene Acceptors R. López Vicente, J. Abad, M. Espindola-Rodriguez, M. Fernández Castro, J.W. Andreasen, A. Urbina Information
2020 Encapsulant Selection for PID Resistant Modules Made with Heterojunction Solar Cells O. Arriaga Arruti, L. Gnocchi, A. Virtuani, C. Ballif Information
2020 Enabling the In-Situ Stress and Temperature Measurement by Silicon Solar Cell Integrated Stress and Temperature Sensors for Photovoltaic Modules A.J. Beinert, M. Imm, J. Benick, F. Becker, S. Seitz, M. Heinrich, O. Paul, S.W. Glunz, J. Aktaa, U. Eitner, H. Neuhaus Information
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