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2019 Enhanced Material Quality in SMART Mono-Si Block Cast Ingots by Introduction of Functional Defects S. Riepe, P. Krenckel, Y. Hayama, A. Hess, T. Trötschler, K. Kutsukake, S. Maus, F. Schindler, N. Usami Information
2019 Ecological Footprint of PV Electricity: Influence of Waste Management, Degradation and Lifetime K.-A. Weiß, S. Herceg, S. Pinto Information
2019 Effect of Curing Temperature on Properties of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Used for Crystalline Silicon Solar Module Encapsulation B. Adothu, A.K. Singh, S. Kumar, S. Zele, S. Mallick Information
2018 Enterprise Europe Network Sector Group Intelligent Energy & Sector Group Sustainable Constructions Helping Companies in Photovoltaics Innovate and Grow Internationally F. Roca, S. Angloher-Reichelt, K. Tzitzinou, F. Ammirati, A. Marras Information
2018 Enhancing Solar Research by Using ICT and Explorative Web-Based Methods for Communication, Education and Training C.S. Polo López, F. Frontini, P. Bonomo Information
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