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2019 Exceeding 23% Screen-Printed Rear-Emitter Bifacial n-PERT Cells P. Choulat, S. Singh, L. Tous, J. Chen, Z. Liu, F. Duerinckx, I. Gordon, J. Szlufcik Information
2019 Evaluation of Soiling Effects on PV Modules and Development of Innovative Low Cost Cleaning Solutions: Some Outputs of Soleil Inno-PV Project A. Barhdadi, D. Dahlioui, B. Laarabi, S.M. Alaoui, M. Rhourri, Y. Rouas, A. Said, J. Boardman, G. Dambrine, E. Menard Information
2019 Enhanced Material Quality in SMART Mono-Si Block Cast Ingots by Introduction of Functional Defects S. Riepe, P. Krenckel, Y. Hayama, A. Hess, T. Trötschler, K. Kutsukake, S. Maus, F. Schindler, N. Usami Information
2019 Effect of Curing Temperature on Properties of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Used for Crystalline Silicon Solar Module Encapsulation B. Adothu, A.K. Singh, S. Kumar, S. Zele, S. Mallick Information
2019 Experimental Benchmarking of Partial Shading Effect on Thin-Film and Crystalline-Silicon Solar Photovoltaic Modules K.A.K. Niazi, Y. Yang, S.V. Spataru, M.U. Mutarraf, D. Sera Information
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