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Emerging Technologies in Photovoltaics: Critical Issues and Perspectives for Electrical Performance Measurements
G. Bardizza, D. Pavanello, H. Müllejans, E.D. Dunlop
Perovskites and Other Non-Silicon Materials and Devices, Multijunctions/Tandems
Subtopic: Perovskites
Event: 38th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 3CO.8.2
ISBN: 3-936338-78-7
0,00 EUR
Document(s): presentation


Measuring the electrical performance of emerging photovoltaic (PV) technologies like organic PV (OPV), dye-sensitized PV devices (DSC), perovskite-based PV devices (PSC) and perovskite tandem PV devices (PSC-tandem) poses challenges for established measurement technology. Several issues (i.e. slow device response to the light and/or to applied voltage, short term stability due to light soaking and/or degradation, recovery in the dark, etc.) have been shown to affect the results considerably. This makes it very difficult (in some casesimpossible) to obtain reliable I-V curves with the traditional measurement procedures, as these were developed for the standard c-Si technology. There is a clear need to adapt and develop further the measurement procedures for emerging PV technologies in order to determine viability of these technologies. There are two important aspects. Firstly to find consensus between reference laboratories on measurement protocols for calibration and evaluation of devices, leading to reliable inter-laboratory comparison of the results and the possibility to verify new potential record devices with confidence that results will be equivalent and independent of chosen laboratory. Secondly test procedures are required to assess the reliability and long-term durability of these emerging technologies when installed in the field. Here we review the current status of these aspects based on the experience at the European Solar Test Installation.