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2018 Fabrication of p-Type Na Doped SrCuSeF and n-Type ITO Bilayer Ohmic Tunnel Junction and Its Application to the Back Contact of CdS/CdTe Solar Cells T. Wada, K. Miki, D. Tamai, K. Takaya, Y. Shiina, S. Okamoto, T. Okamoto Information
2017 Features of Si+ Implanted n-GaSb (100) Photosensitive Structure R.V. Ghita, D. Pantelica, C. Logofatu, C.C. Negrila, P. Cristea, L. Fara Information
2017 From PV Systems to Energy Solutions Part II - From the Concept to Reality T. Nordmann, R. Lingel, S. Fehling, T. Vontobel Information
2017 Fault Diagnosis and Localization of Photovoltaic Plants through Infrared Thermography, Review of the International IEC 62446-3 G. Vannier, C. El Mkadmi, L. Ha Duy, F. Al-Shakarchi Information
2017 Fundamental Constraints Imposed by Thermionic Emission Barrier at the Hetero-Interface and by pn Junction Diffusion Barrier on the Fill Factor and Efficiency of SHJ Cells M.Y. Ghannam, Y. Abdulraheem Information
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