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2021 First Mechanical Study on Lightweight Microconcentrators Systems for Space Applications V. Vareilles, A. Bermudez-Garcia, J. Francois, Y. Veschetti, M. Amara, P. Voarino, F. Chabuel Information
2021 Firing-Stable PECVD SiOxNy/n-Poly-Si Passivating Contacts for High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells M. Stöhr, J. Aprojanz, R. Brendel, T. Dullweber Information
2021 Failure Diagnosis and Trend-Based Performance Losses Routines for the Detection and Classification of Incidents in Large-Scale Photovoltaic Systems A. Livera, M. Theristis, J.S. Stein, G.E. Georghiou Information
2021 Fast and High-Resolution Calculation of Roof-Top and Façade PV Potentials Using GPU-Accelerated Ray Tracing D. Bredemeier, E. Rott, C. Schinke, T. Gewohn, H. Wagner-Mohnsen, R. Niepelt, R. Brendel Information
2021 Future PV Supply in the Netherlands: Generating Spatially Resolved Hourly Profiles for Building, Land and Water-Bound Installations N. Nortier, W.G.J.H.M. van Sark, B.B. Kausika, M. Paardekooper, A. Blankert, C. Lucas, A. van der Neut, S.L. Luxembourg, A.A. Mewe Information
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