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2021 From-Lab-to-Fab of 3rd Generation PV - Issues, Challenges, and Installations D. Bagnis, L. Corrêa, B. Miranda, G. de Amorim Soares, S. Fernandes, A. Marques Information
2021 From Upscaling PERC to the Next Technology Cycle: Transparent Passivating Contacts May Merge n- and p-Type Cell Technology P.P. Altermatt, G. Xu, X. Zhang, D. Chen, Y. Chen, Z. Feng Information
2021 FEM Simulation of Deformations in Strings of Shingled Solar Cells under Mechanical and Thermal Loading M. Lang, G. Oreski, P. Fuchs, E. Helfer, A. Halm, M. Klenk Information
2021 FTIR Spectroscopy: A Powerful Tool for Photostable Encapsulant Screening N. Pinochet, R. Couderc, S. Therias Information
2020 First Economic Benchmark of PV Technologies for ATAMOSTEC in the Atacama Desert, Chile N. Gazbour, P.-J. Ribeyron, D. Muñoz, E. Urrejola, M.J. Riquelme Zambrano, C. Gonzalez, A.M. Ruz Information
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