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2020 Firing-Through Metallisation of PERT-Like Cells Using μc-Si(n) as Thin Rear Side Full Area Passivating Contact P. Wyss, Q. Jeangros, J.J. Diaz Leon, C. Allebé, S. Nicolay, F.-J. Haug, A. Ingenito, C. Ballif Information
2020 First Measurement of Lifetime of Photogenerated Current Carriers in New Material for Thin Films Solar Cells – Cu2-NiSnSe4 Solid Solutions M.V. Gapanovich, E.V. Rabenok, O.Yu. Urkhanov, B.I. Golovanov, G.F. Novikov Information
2020 Fired-Only Passivating Poly-Si on Oxide Contacts with DC-Sputtered In-Situ Phosphorous-Doped Silicon Layers L. Nasebandt, S. Hübner, B. Min, C. Hollemann, T. Dippell, P. Wohlfart, R. Peibst, R. Brendel Information
2020 Field Trial of Meteorological Station Using PV Reference Cells M. Gostein, B. Stueve, R. Clark, P. Keelin, M. Grammatico, M. Reusser Information
2020 Firing Stability of Doped Polysilicon Passivation Layers D. Kang, H.C. Sio, D. Yan, J. Stuckelberger, R. Liu, D. Macdonald Information
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