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2009 Five Roads towards Increased Optical Absorption and High Stable Efficiency for Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells M. Vanecek, A. Poruba, Z. Remes, J. Holovsky, A. Purkrt, O. Babchenko, K. Hruska, J. Meier, U. Kroll Information
2009 Future SCADA Requirements for PV Systems J.H. Carstens, S. Berg Information
2009 From Small-Area Cell to Large-Area Module Performance - Role of Inhomogeneities in Thin Film Photovoltaics M. Topic, K. Brecl, J.R. Sites Information
2009 Feasibility of In-Line Continuous Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition for Proto- and Nanocrystalline P-I-N Solar Cells R.E.I. Schropp, C.O. van Bommel, C.H.M. van der Werf, M. Brinza, G.A. van Swaaij, J.K. Rath, H.B.T. Li, J.W.A. Schüttauf Information
2009 Final Results of the European Project Flexcellence: Roll to Roll Technology for the Production of High Efficiency Low Cost Thin Film Solar Cells V. Terrazzoni, F.-J. Haug, T. Söderström, C. Ballif, D. Fischer, W. Soppe, J. Bertomeu, M. Fahland, H. Schlemm, M. Grimm, M. Topic, M. Wutz Information
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