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2009 FLATCON® CPV Systems – Field Data and New Developments A. Gombert, A. Hakenjos, I. Heile, J. Wüllner, T. Gerstmaier, S. Van Riesen Information
2009 Fabrication of CIGS Solar Cells with Thinner Absorber Layers Y. Kamikawa-Shimizu, S. Furue, A. Yamada, S. Ishizuka, H. Komaki, K. Matsubara, H. Shibata, S. Niki Information
2009 Final Results of the European Project Flexcellence: Roll to Roll Technology for the Production of High Efficiency Low Cost Thin Film Solar Cells V. Terrazzoni, F.-J. Haug, T. Söderström, C. Ballif, D. Fischer, W. Soppe, J. Bertomeu, M. Fahland, H. Schlemm, M. Grimm, M. Topic, M. Wutz Information
2009 Failure Analysis Methods Applied to PV Module Reliability W.J. Gambogi, E.F. McCord, H.D. Rosenfeld, R.H. Senigo, S. Peacock, K.M. Stika Information
2009 Further Investigations in Optical Confinement and Solar Cell Processing for Crystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells S. Lindekugel, E.J. Mitchell, M. Künle, S. Janz, S. Reber Information
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