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2019 From the Hot Carrier Solar Cell to the Intermediate Band Solar Cell, Passing through the Multiple-Exciton Generation Solar Cell and Then Back to the Hot Carrier Solar Cell: The Dance of the Electro-Chemical Potentials A. Martí Vega Information
2019 Front Side Structures in TiO2 for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells: Which Effects Can They Achieve? L. Stevens, H. Hauser, O. Höhn, N. Tucher, C. Wellens, C. Stauch, R. Jahn, C. Müller, B. Bläsi Information
2019 First Results from a High Precision Indoor & Outdoor PV Module Monitoring Campaign C. Reise, U. Kräling, E. Schnabel, K. Kiefer, U. Bohnert Information
2018 Fundamental and Technological Limits to Low-Light Efficiency of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells B. Conrad, A.P. Amalathas, J. Holovsky Information
2018 From Bifaciality to Yield: Different Bifacial Cell Technologies May Differ Even More in Annual Outdoor Performance C. Reise, G. Baarah, E. Schnabel, U. Kräling, B. Müller, S. Chang, Y. Choe, H. Cho Information
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