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2018 From BIPV Module to System: A Modelica-Developed Framework for Building Energy Simulations Including BIPV K. Spiliotis, J. Goncalves, K. Baert, J. Driesen, D. Saelens Information
2018 Fully Automated Photovoltaic System Modelling for Low Cost Energy Management Applications Based on Power Measurement Data B. Hanke, M. Bottega, D. Peters, N. Maitanova, J.-S. Telle, M. Grottke, K. von Maydell, C. Agert Information
2018 Field Analysis and Degradation of Modules and Components in Distributed PV Applications H. Hu, W.J. Gambogi, K. Choudhury, L. Garreau-Iles, T. Felder, S. MacMaster, O. Fu, T.-J. Trout Information
2018 Fully Inorganic Charge Transport Layers for High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules A. Walter, S.-J. Moon, B. Niesen, B.A. Kamino, J.J. Diaz Leon, G. Cattaneo, A. Paracchino, Q. Jeangros, S. Nicolay, C. Ballif Information
2018 Finding the Most Suitable PV Technology for a ZigZag-Structured PV Fa├žade in NW-Europe R.M.E. Valckenborg, S. Sasidharan, C. Tzikas, R. Santbergen, W. van de Wall, W. Folkerts Information
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