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2019 Failure Mechanisms in PID "Resistant" PV Modules Under Enhanced Environmental Humidity and Soiling Stress V. Naumann, K. Ilse, M. Pander, K. Sporleder, C. Hagendorf Information
2019 From the Hot Carrier Solar Cell to the Intermediate Band Solar Cell, Passing through the Multiple-Exciton Generation Solar Cell and Then Back to the Hot Carrier Solar Cell: The Dance of the Electro-Chemical Potentials A. Martí Vega Information
2018 Fundamental and Technological Limits to Low-Light Efficiency of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells B. Conrad, A.P. Amalathas, J. Holovsky Information
2018 From BIPV Module to System: A Modelica-Developed Framework for Building Energy Simulations Including BIPV K. Spiliotis, J. Goncalves, K. Baert, J. Driesen, D. Saelens Information
2018 From Bifaciality to Yield: Different Bifacial Cell Technologies May Differ Even More in Annual Outdoor Performance C. Reise, G. Baarah, E. Schnabel, U. Kräling, B. Müller, S. Chang, Y. Choe, H. Cho Information
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