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2017 Fine Line Cu Plated Silicon Solar Cells L.-Y. Li, C.-K. Peng, S.-Y. Chen, C.-H. Du, P. Yu, C.-J. Huang Information
2017 Fabrication of Silicon Heterojunction Cells on 50µm Epitaxial Substrates T. Bearda, A. Umer, S. Jambaldinni, M. Filipic, K. Van Nieuwenhuysen, H. Sivaramakrishnan Radhakrishnan, V. Depauw, I. Gordon, M. Debucquoy, Y. Abdulraheem, J. Szlufcik, J. Poortmans Information
2017 Fashioning “Black” Silicon by Nickel-Film Assisted Chemical Etching M. Treideris, A. Reza, M. Kamarauskas, V. Agafonov, A. Setkus Information
2017 Front Side Metallization of p and n-Type Si Solar Cells: A Percolation Model for Explaining the Current Path M. Pfeffer, P. Kumar, M. Zehender, B. Wiillsch, O. Eibl Information
2016 Forecasting and Observability: Critical Technologies for System Operations with High PV Penetration P.-J. Alet, V. Efthymiou, G. Graditi, N. Henze, M. Juel, D. Moser, F. Nemac, M. Pierro, E. Rikos, S. Tselepis, G. Yang Information
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