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Fast Physical Radiative Transfer Code to Compute Solar Radiation Effectively Collected by a Photovoltaic Panel
T. Elias, D. Ramon, M. Compiègne, N. Ferlay
PV Systems and Storage – Modelling, Design, Operation and Performance
Subtopic: Solar Resource and Forecasting
Event: 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 5CV.3.18
ISBN: 3-936338-60-4
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Document(s): poster


Precision and accuracy on solar resource estimates is required for solar plant bankability assessment. Precise estimates can be provided for anywhere in the world with the fast and yet physical radiative transfer code SMART-G [1]. Indeed the direct and diffuse fractions of the solar radiation reaching the surface can be both explicitly computed, and the solar radiation effectively collected by the photovoltaïc panel can be precisely estimated with minimum parameterisations, whatever the panel inclination and orientation, the spectral sensitivity, etc... However the uncertainty on the solar resource does not depend only on the simulation tool, but also on the input data set. Ground-based measurements of the solar irradiation allows to select the input data set that generates the best precision and accuracy on the solar resource. Comparisons between computations and measurements are made and best scores identify the best data source. Clear-sky direct normal irradiance (DNI) allows to identify the best data source for aerosols, and all-sky diffuse radiation allows to identify the best data source for clouds.