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2020 Guidelines for Ensuring Data Quality for Photovoltaic System Performance Assessment and Monitoring A. Livera, M. Theristis, E. Koumpli, G. Makrides, J.S. Stein, G.E. Georghiou Information
2020 Growth of MAPbI3 Films with Improved Stability: A Comparative Study G. Gordillo, O.G. Torres, M.C. Abella, J.C. Peña, O. Virguez Information
2020 Glass-Free Lightweight Solar Modules for Integrated Photovoltaics: the Use of Velcro as an Alternative Mounting System F. Lisco, A.C. Oliveira Martins, A. Virtuani, C. Ballif Information
2019 General, Robust and Scalable Methods for String Level Monitoring in Utility Scale PV Systems A. Skomedal, M.B. Øgaard, J.H. Selj, H. Haug, E.S. Marstein Information
2018 Gentle and Damage Free Ablation of Dielectric Layers Using a Femtosecond Laser Source for High Efficiency Silicon Wafer Solar Cells J.M. Yacob Ali, V. Shanmugam, A.G. Aberle, T. Mueller Information
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