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2014 Gripping-in-Liquid: Significant Parameters for the Automated Handling of Ultrathin Substrates in Cleaning Baths T. Giesen, P. Mayer, C. Behtan, R. Wertz Information
2014 GridTOUCH: Innovative Solution for Accurate IV Measurement of Busbarless Cells in Production and Laboratory Environments N. Bassi, C. Clerc, Y. Pelet, J. Hiller, V. Fakhfouri, C. Droz, M. Despeisse, J. Levrat, A. Faes, D. B├Ątzner, P. Papet Information
2014 GaAs Photovoltaic Converters and Arrays for Wireless Power Transmitting Systems V.P. Khvostikov, N.S. Potapovich, N.A. Kalyuzhnyy, S.V. Sorokina, S.A. Mintairov, O. Khvostikova, N.Kh. Timoshina, A.A. Usikova, A. Malevskaya, N.Yu. Davidyuk, A.S. Vlasov, V.M. Andreev Information
2014 Getting Ahead in the Polysilicon Cash Cost Race by Controlling the Growth W.O. Filtvedt, H. Klette, E. Marstein Information
2013 Gripping-in-Liquid: Handling Challenges for Automated Ultra-Thin Wafer Production T. Giesen, P. Mayer, D. Stiels, R. Wertz, R. Martini, M. Debucquoy, A. Verl Information
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