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2017 Highlights from the FP7 Project on Photovoltaics CHEETAH: More Power with Less Material J.M. Kroon, F. Roca, I. Lauermann, K. Bittkau, M. Heisz, K. Van Nieuwenhuysen, A. Danel, P. Sommeling, M. Schmid, S. Gevorgyan Information
2017 Hard and Transparent DLC Coating as a Protective Layer for Solar Cells A. Dehbi-Alaoui, B. Sequaq, A. Obaidi, M.A. Ibba Information
2017 High-Fidelity Solar Power Income Modeling for Solar-Electric Aircraft: Development and Flight Test Based Verification P. Oettershagen, R. Siegwart Information
2017 High Efficiency CdTe Solar Cells by Low Temperature Deposition with MgZnO HRT Layer D. Menossi, E. Artegiani, F. Bittau, M. Barbato, M. Meneghini, G. Meneghesso, J.W. Bowers, J.M. Walls, F. Piccinelli, A. Romeo Information
2017 How to Properly Assess Boron-Oxygen Related Degradation in Crystalline Silicon A. Herguth Information
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