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2021 How Photovoltaics Started to Change Architecture over the Last Two Decades B. Kämpfen Information
2021 How Innovative Citizen Financing Schemes Enable Large-Scale Energy Efficiency Measures in the Building Sector S. Wilhelm, S. Caneva, D. van der Zande, J.-F. Marchand, M. Casas, F. Pause, M. Wimmer, J. Kamm, L. Couto, B. De Kezel, V. Segon, T. Šimek, R. Adomaviciene, K. Vaskeliene, A. Gladkauskiene, D. Juškeviciene, D. Banyte, Z. Kaciuška, C. Weber Information
2021 How Will Network Impacts of Distributed PV, Electric Vehicles, and Heat Pumps Depend on Local Context and Where Is Flexibility Most Needed? A Geographically Disaggregated Study across Great Britain S. Few, P. Djapic, G. Strbac, J. Nelson, C. Candelise Information
2021 High-Throughput Dry Etching of Polysilicon Layers for TOPCon Solar Cell Production B. Kafle, S. Mack, C. Teßmann, S. Bashardoust, T. Fellmeth, K. Krieg, L. Clochard, E. Duffy, A. Wolf, M. Hofmann, J. Rentsch Information
2021 Hybrid PV-Systems for Electrification and Sector Coupling of Road Transport Sector in Norway J. Fagerström, L. Kvalbein, J. Danebergs, T.U. Nærland, M.B. Øgaard, K. Espegren Information
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