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2020 High Bandgap Absorber for Monolithic Perovskite Silicon Tandem Solar Cells Reaching 25.1% Certified Efficiency and Ways Beyond P.S.C. Schulze, A.J. Bett, O.S. Kabakli, K.M. Winkler, L.E. Mundt, F.M. Gerspacher, Q. Zhang, C.L.M. Hofmann, M. Bivour, M. Hermle, S.W. Glunz, H. Hillebrecht, J.C. Goldschmidt Information
2020 High Refractive Index Encapsulants to Reduce Reflection Losses and Increase Cell Efficiencies in Crystalline Silicon PV D. Mann, R. van Zandvoort, M. Xu, F. Huijnen, P. Buskens Information
2020 Home-Made UV-Fluorescence Spectroscopy Measurement Device for c-Si Photovoltaic Modules A. Nairi, J. Bengoechea, M.J. Rodriguez, A.R. Lagunas Information
2020 High Efficiency Flexible and Lightweight PV Modules Using Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells J. Ulbikas, M. Rudzikas, P. Dubravskij, A.G. Ulyashin Information
2019 Half-Cell Module Behaviour and Its Impact on the Yield of a PV Plant M. Chiodetti, J. Dupuis, D. Boublil, K. Radouane, P. Dupeyrat Information
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