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2022 Hot-spot Endurance Test for Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics B.J. K Naga, R. Korgaonkar, N. Shiradkar Information
2022 How Does the Use of Satellite-Derived Insolation Data Impact the Accuracy of Performance Ratio Estimates? E. Ozkalay, A. Virtuani, A. Fairbrother, A. Skoczek, G. Friesen, C. Ballif Information
2022 Hybrid Modeling Approach Using Cloud Dynamics and Deep Learning for Solar Nowcasting J. Sasaki, K. Utsunomiya, M. Okada, S. Yoshikawa, K. Yamaguchi Information
2022 High-Throughput Synthesis and Characterization of Cs2AgxNa1-xBiyIn1-yCl6 (CANBIC) Perovskites with Near-Unity Photoluminescence Quantum Yield O. Stroyuk, O. Raievska, M. Daum, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
2022 High Lifetime Ga-Doped Cz-Si for Carrier Selective Junction Solar Cells J. Horzel, S. Mack, I.V. Vulcanean, K. Zimmermann, N. Jung, S. Pingel, W. Kwapil, F. Maischner, H. Höffler, S. Bashardoust, D. Wagenmann, J. Greulich, J. Seif, A. Steinmetz, J. Rentsch Information
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