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2019 Half-Cell Module Behaviour and Its Impact on the Yield of a PV Plant M. Chiodetti, J. Dupuis, D. Boublil, K. Radouane, P. Dupeyrat Information
2019 Hydrosilane-Free Low-Cost APCVD of SiO2 Films for Crystalline Si Solar Cell Applications H. Nagel, E. Issa, T. Nagel, M. Glatthaar, S.W. Glunz Information
2019 Hyperspectral Photoluminescence Imaging as a Tool to Study Degradation of Outdoor Silicon Solar Panels M. Vukovic, A.S. Flø, E. Olsen, T. Mehl, I. Høiaas, I. Burud Information
2019 High Speed MOVPE for InGaP/GaAs Multijunction Solar Cells H. Sodabanlu, A. Ubukata, K. Watanabe, T. Sugaya, Y. Nakano, M. Sugiyama Information
2019 High Fill Factor CIGS Solar Modules by Evaporated Metal Grid: Numerical Simulation and Module Validation S. Lin, H. Shan, D. Zhuang, R. Wächter, T. Repmann, T. Freund, N. Zancan Information
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