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2014 Hybrid Photovoltaic Power Plants: Least Cost Power Option for the MENA Region C. Breyer, J. Reiß Information
2014 Hybrid Renewable Energy System Design Using Multiobjective Optimization M. Maaroufi, H. Bilil, M. Ouassaid Information
2014 Hybrid PV System with Energy Storage System for Energy Demand of an Off-Grid Village in Harsh Ambient Conditions: Innovation for Renewable as Actual Resource L. Lanuzza, C. Papa, F. Bizzarri, S. Lupatini, A. Sbraga Information
2013 High Efficiency with Almost No Metallisation: Multiple Busbar Wire Interconnection of Plated Solar Cells M. Edwards, R. Evans, T. Söderström, A. Sugianto, L. Koschier, S.R. Wenham Information
2013 Hot Carrier Solar Cells: Materials with Modulated Phonon Energy for Slowed Carrier Cooling G.J. Conibeer, S. Shrestha, S. Huang, R. Patterson, P. Aliberti, H. Xia, Y. Feng, P. Zhang, N. Gupta, S. Smyth, Y. Liao, S. Lin, P. Wang, X. Dai, S. Chung, M.A. Green Information
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