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2017 High Throughput Printing for Highly Efficient Cost-Effective Si Solar Cells F. Clement, A. Lorenz, M. Pospischil, D. Biro, H. Brocker, D. Bangel, R. Greutmann, M. Lehner, T. Ott, F. Hage, K. Oppelt, T. Honold, L. Wende, M. Ringel, A. Senne, J. Rohde, R. Preu Information
2017 High Efficiency CdTe Solar Cells by Low Temperature Deposition with MgZnO HRT Layer D. Menossi, E. Artegiani, F. Bittau, M. Barbato, M. Meneghini, G. Meneghesso, J.W. Bowers, J.M. Walls, F. Piccinelli, A. Romeo Information
2017 High-Fidelity Solar Power Income Modeling for Solar-Electric Aircraft: Development and Flight Test Based Verification P. Oettershagen, R. Siegwart Information
2017 Hail Resistance of Composite-Based Glass-Free Lightweight Modules for Building Integrated Photovoltaics Applications A.C. Oliveira Martins, V. Chapuis, A. Virtuani, L.-E. Perret-Aebi, C. Ballif Information
2017 High Efficiency Locally Laser Doped IBC Solar Cells M. Ernst, E. Franklin, T.K. Chong, K.C. Fong, D. Walter, E.C. Wang, T. Kho, A. Blakers Information
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