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2016 Homogeneous and Efficient Co-Evaporated MoO3:CuI Anode Buffer Layer for Organic Solar Cells M. Hssein, L. Barkat, L. Cattin, G. Louarn, M. Addou, A. Khelil, J.C. Bernède Information
2016 HIKARI: a Positive Energy Building with an Architecturally Integrated PV Facade and a PV Roof-Top System (190 kWp) B. Gaiddon, M. Valentin, L. Alfonsi, M.L. Laquerriere, G. Gouranton, D. Corgier Information
2016 High Speed Dispensing – a High-Throughput Metallization Technology for >21% PERC Type Solar Cells M. Pospischil, M. Kuchler, M. Klawitter, I. Lacmago, S. Tepner, R. Efinger, M. Linse, D. Witt, S. Gutscher, A. Brand, M. König, L. Wende, F. Clement, D. Biro Information
2016 High Performance GaAs Solar Cell Using Heterojunction Emitter and Its Further Improvement by ELO Technique S. Kim, S.-T. Hwang, W. Yoon, H.-M. Lee Information
2016 High Efficiency, Industrially-Relevant n-Cz Si PV via Process-Tolerant Wafers and Tunneling Passivated Contacts B.G. Lee, S. Theingi, V. LaSalvia, J. Aguiar, W. Nemeth, M.R. Page, D.L. Young, P. Stradins Information
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