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2016 High Performance GaAs Solar Cell Using Heterojunction Emitter and Its Further Improvement by ELO Technique S. Kim, S.-T. Hwang, W. Yoon, H.-M. Lee Information
2016 High Efficiency Photovoltaic Modules Performance Measurements Used Long Pulse I-V Simulator H.-C. Liu, C.-T. Huang, W.-K. Lee, F.-M. Lin, J.-L. Kwo, Y.-C. Ou, L.-Y. Liao Information
2016 How to Deal with Thin Wafers in a Heterojunction Solar Cells Industrial Pilot Line: First Analysis of the Integration of Cells Down to 70µm Thick in Production Mode S. Harrison, O. Nos, A. Danel, D. Muñoz, J.P. Rakotoniaina, J. Gaume, C. Roux, P.J. Ribeyron Information
2016 High-Productive Aluminum Deposition of Back Contacts for Hetero-Junction Solar Cells by Electron Beam Evaporation J.-P. Heinß, H. Schlemm, F. Wünsch Information
2016 High Efficiency Solution Coated Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)2 Thin Film Solar Cells T. Aramoto, Y. Kawaguchi, Y.-C. Liao, Y. Kikuchi, T. Ohashi, H. Iida, A. Nakamura Information
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