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2018 How to Maximize the kWh/kWp Ratio: Simulations of Single-Axis Tracking in Bifacial Systems G.J.M. Janssen, A.R. Burgers, A. Binani, A.J. Carr, B.B. Van Aken, I.G. Romijn, M. Klenk, H. Nussbaumer, T. Baumann Information
2018 Hot-Spot Endurance Test - Modifications for Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules D. Philipp, H. Manuel, E. Fokuhl, G. Mülhöfer Information
2017 Highlights from the FP7 Project on Photovoltaics CHEETAH: More Power with Less Material J.M. Kroon, F. Roca, I. Lauermann, K. Bittkau, M. Heisz, K. Van Nieuwenhuysen, A. Danel, P. Sommeling, M. Schmid, S. Gevorgyan Information
2017 High-Speed Curing of AR Coatings on PV Modules by Laser Irradiation: An End-of-Line Approach for Improved Power Output R. Cauchois, D. Hawelka, N. Pirch, C. Johnigk, Y. Li, J. Stollenwerk, H. Schoot Information
2017 How Cell Texturing Impacts Annual Yield of Solar Modules and the Role of Module Embedding I. Haedrich, M. Ernst, A. Thomson, P. Zheng, X. Zhang, H. Jin, D. Macdonald Information
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