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2015 High Performance Mono-Like Silicon Solar Cells and Modules by Using Industrial Mass Production Technology C.-W. Kuo, T.-M. Kuan, L.-G. Wu, C.C. Huang, H.-Y. Peng, C.-Y. Yu Information
2015 Hot Spot Performance Comparison of Field and Lab for p-Type c-Si Modules C.H. Hsueh, C. Chen, H. Chen, M. Chang Information
2015 Hot-Spot Measurements on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells with Different Reverse Current Characteristic L. Podlowski, S. Janke, B. Litzenburger, S. Pingel, S. Wendlandt, J. Teubner, J. Berghold Information
2015 High Quality Thermal Donor Doped Czochralski Silicon Ingot for Industrial Heterojunction Solar Cells F. Jay, B. Martel, M. Tomassini, R. Peyronnet-Dremière, J. Stadler, J. Veirman, X. Brun, D. Muñoz, C. Roux, A. Jouini Information
2015 HTM Free Perovskite Based Solar Cells Fabricated under High Humidity A. De Maria, V. La Ferrara, L.V. Mercaldo, M. Della Noce, P. Delli Veneri Information
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