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2014 High Efficiency n-Type Metal-Wrap-Through Cells and Modules Using Industrial Processes N. Guillevin, A. Gutjahr, L.J. Geerligs, J. Anker, E.E. Bende, I.J. Bennett, M. Koppes, E.J. Kossen, L. Okel, L. Slooff-Hoek, K. Broek, M. Sp├Ąth, C.J.J. Tool, B.B. Van Aken, I.G. Romijn, J. Wang, Z. Wang, J. Zhai, Z. Wan, S. Tian, Z. Hu, G. Li, B. Yu, J. Xiong Information
2014 Highly Conductive Undoped ZnO Films due to RF Substrate Biasing M. Hala, S. Fujii, A. Redinger, Y. Inoue, G. Rey, M. Thevenin, V. Depr├ędurand, T. Weiss, T. Bertram, S. Siebentritt Information
2014 High Throughput Roof Renovation Using Prefabbed and Prewired Watertight PV Insulation Elements M.N. van den Donker, B. Hauck, R. Valckenborg, K. Sinapis, G. Litjens, W. Folkerts, R. Borro, W. Passlack Information
2014 High Initial Green Strength Adhesives for Process Cost Reduction and Increased Product Durability M. Niederfuehr Information
2014 Hydrogen Passivation for Highly Defected Commercial Grade n-Type CZ Wafers and Oxygen Precipitates B. Hallam, S. Wang, A. Ciesla, P. Hamer, C. Chan, M. Abbott, S.R. Wenham Information
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