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2022 Influence of Bulk Carrier Lifetime on Efficiency Recovery in Gated Solar Cells A. Kumar, N. Chatterji, A. Antony, P.R. Nair Information
2022 In-depth Exposure of New Phase in Poly-Silicon of TOPCon Device: Is Phosphorus Bonded Oxygen Present? Z.Q. Ma, Y.L. Wang, Z.X. Lan Information
2022 Influence of Metallization Screen Parameters on Silver Paste Consumption Reduction for Commercial Mono PERC Solar Cell Production E. Han, M. Raval, F. Ã‡ambay Kuban, S. Chandrill, M. Ender, F. Es, P. Fath, A. Aktas, S. Karyeyen Information
2022 Iron Quantification in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells From Open-Circuit Voltage Measurements A. Herguth Information
2022 Interconnection Technology for the Next Generation of (Temperature-Sensitive) Solar Cells such as Heterojunction and C-Si/Perovskite Tandem Y. Zemen, S. Wendlandt, B. Litzenburger, L. Podlowski Information
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