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2022 Insights Into┬áthe Light Trapping Mechanisms in 100 NM-Thick Nanopatterned Gaas Solar Cells D.N. Micha, M. Giteau, A. Cattoni, J.-F. Guillemoles, S. Collin Information
2022 Influence of Production Processes on PID-s Sensitivity of c-Si Modules and Novel Mitigation Strategies A. Stauffenberg, B. Jaeckel, M. Pander, J. Froebel, C. Erban Information
2022 Interconnection Technology in PV Modules: Impact of Ribbons, Tab Connectors and Electrically Conductive Backsheet on Module Performance A. Tummalieh, B. Paritala, M. Mittag, D.H. Neuhaus Information
2022 Investigating Long-Term UV Durability of Glass/Transparent Backsheet Laminates for Bifacial Photovoltaics - Cross-sectional Analysis of Backsheet Degradation X. Gu, S. Smith, S. Mitterhofer, S. Moffitt, S. Jhang, S. Watson, L.P. Sung Information
2022 Interconnection Approach for Busbar-Less IBC Cells Based on Printed Solder Paste T. Messmer, H. Chu, V.D. Mihailetchi, R. Roescu, J. Libal, A. Halm Information
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