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2018 Improved Contactless Method of IR Reflectance under Grazing Incidence for Measurement of Doping Profiles J. Holovsky, Z. Remes, D. Franta, B. Conrad, L. Abelová, D. Bušek, A. Poruba Information
2018 Impact of Surface Morphology and Interfacial Oxide Thickness on Passivation Quality of p+ Polysilicon Passivating Contacts S. Mack, F. Feldmann, A. Moldovan, M. Lenes, J.M. Luchies, A. Wolf Information
2017 Identification of Trap States in Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Perovskites G. Gordillo, C.A. Otálora, E. Romero, A.A. Ramírez Information
2017 Impact of Self-Consumption on Integration of Photovoltaics in Martinique: Simulation Results from the Insolations Project F. Bourry, F. Al Shakarchi, N. Martin, S. Darivon, L. Bellemare Information
2017 Increasing the Efficiency of Multicrystalline Silicon PERC Solar Cells from Currently 19 to 20% J.M. Greulich, E. Lohmüller, P. Saint-Cast, S. Lohmüller, S. Wasmer, A.J.C. van der Horst, R. Preu Information
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