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2022 Insights into Circular Material and Waste Flows from c-Si PV Industry P. Brailovsky, K. Baumann, M. Held, A.K. Briem, K. Wambach, E. Gervais, S. Herceg, B. Mertvoy, S. Nold, J. Rentsch Information
2022 In-depth Exposure of New Phase in Poly-Silicon of TOPCon Device: Is Phosphorus Bonded Oxygen Present? Z.Q. Ma, Y.L. Wang, Z.X. Lan Information
2022 Identify, Analyse, Mitigate – Quantification of Technical Risks in PV Power Systems M. Herz, G. Friesen, U. Jahn, M. Köntges, S. Lindig, D. Moser Information
2022 Integration of Antenna for IoT Communication in Small Silicon Photovoltaic Module L.R. Wahlgreen, S. Thorsteinsson, P.B. Poulsen, M.N. Petersen Information
2022 Investigation of the Front Side Anti-Reflection Coating Layer on M10 PERC Solar Cells C.W. Kuo, T.M. Kuan, Y.C. Li, W.L. Chueh, L.G. Wu, S.C. Lin, C.Y. Yu Information
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