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2020 Innovative Floating Bifacial Photovoltaic Solutions for In-Land Water Areas H. Ziar, B. Prudon, V. Lin, B. Roeffen, D. Heijkoop, T. Stark, E. Garcia Goma, J. Garro Extebarria, I. Narvaez Alavez, D. van Tilborg, H. van Laar, R. Santbergen, O. Isabella Information
2020 Improving the Reliability of a Solar Road PV Module M. Vite, A. Boulanger, D.R. Heslinga, R. De Bettignies, J. Gaume, F. Chabuel, E. Coquelle, J. Clatot, D. Rodriguez Gil Information
2020 Identification of a Viable and Robust Process for BJ-BC Solar Cells Interconnection T. Timofte, M. Pander, S. Großer, A. Halm Information
2020 Integrated Concept for PV Plant Monitoring and Model Based Analytics C. Gradwohl, M. Graefe, W. Mühleisen, T. Kienberger, F. Langmayr Information
2020 Investigation of Failure Modes, Mechanisms and Driving Forces for Electrically Conductive Adhesives as Interconnects in PV Modules N. Bosco, M. Springer Information
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