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2017 Indoor Measurement of Angle Resolved Light Absorption by Antireflective Glass in Solar Panels M. Amdemeskel, G.A. dos Reis Benatto, N. Riedel-Lyngsk√¶r, B. Iandolo, R. Schmidt Davidson, O. Hansen, P.B. Poulsen, S. Thorsteinsson, A. Thorseth, C. Dam-Hansen Information
2017 Influence of DC-Sputtered ITO Layers on Performance of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells S. Abolmasov, S. Abramov, D. Andronikov, K. Emtsev, G. Ivanov, I. Nyapshaev, D. Orekhov, A. Semenov, G. Shelopin, E. Terukov Information
2016 Impact of Minority Carrier Lifetime and Temperature on SiC Based Rear Contact SiGe Solar Cell for Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) Applications R. Pandey, A. Jain, A. Kumar, R. Chaujar Information
2016 Innovative Semi-Automatic Cleaning Technique for High Concentration Photovoltaic Panels D. Dahlioui, Y. Elfatimy, A. Benazzouz, A. Barhdadi, G. Borelli, M. Carpanelli, D. Verdilio Information
2013 Investigation of AZO as Transparent Conductive Oxide for Heterojunction Solarcells O. Madani Ghahfarokhi, K. Chakanga, O. Sergeev, K. von Maydell, C. Agert Information
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