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2019 In Situ Metrology for Degradation Studies of Perovskite Solar Cells G. Koutsourakis, Y. Cao, B. Li, K.D.G. Imalka Jayawardena, I.R.M. Bandara, S. Wood, J.C. Blakesley, W. Zhang, S.R.P. Silva, F. Araujo de Castro Information
2011 Intermediate Band PV Materials: Proposal of New Systems and Experimental Realizations P. Wahnón, P. Palacios, I. Aguilera, Y.S. Seminovski, K. Sánchez, J.C. Conesa, R. Lucena Information
2010 Integrated Process and Device 'TCAD' for Enhancement of c-Si Solar Cell Efficiency C. Ahn, K. Drew, A. Cole, K. Heasman, L.M. Brown, N. Cowern Information
2008 In-Situ Monitoring During MOCVD Growth of the Triple-Junction GaInP/Ga(In)As/Ge Solar Cells N. Kalyuzhnyy, V. Lantratov, S.A. Mintairov, M.A. Mintairov, M.Z. Shvarts, N. Timoshina, V.M. Andreev Information
2008 Influence of Ultraviolet Radiation and Annealing on the Performance of Poly-(3-Octyl Thiophene) Organic Solar Cells J. Abad, C. Miguel, R. García-Valverde, B. Pérez-García, E. Palacios-Lidón, J. Colchero, A. Urbina Information
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