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2017 Influence of Mo Microstructural Properties on the Formation of MoS2 Thin Film by Sulphurization Process P. Chelvanathan, S.A. Shahahmadi, Z. Zakaria, Y. Yusoff, M.T. Ferdaous, M.M.I. Sepali, M.A. Islam, K. Sopian, N. Amin Information
2016 Impurities and Defects Distribution during the Growth of PV Silicon: Influence of Melt Convection and Gravity A. Le Donne, M. Acciarri, C. Reimann, J. Friedrich, T. Jauss, A. Cröll, T. Sorgenfrei, S. Binetti Information
2008 Influence of Substituents on the Behaviour of Polythiophene as Donor in Polymer-Fullerene Solar Cells H.C. Neitzert, A. Mucci, F. Parenti, L. Schenetti, A. De Sio, A. Romano, E. Bobeico, P. Morvillo Information
2008 Influence of Grain Size and Grain Boundary Recombination Velocity on the Series and Shunt Resistances of a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell I. Barro, S. Gaye, M. Deme, H.L. Ly Diallo, M.L. Samb, A.M. Samoura, S. Mbodji, G. Sissoko Information
2008 Integration of Solar Photovoltaics in 25 Bioclimatic Dwellings in Tenerife (Spain) M. Cendagorta, M. Friend, A. Linares, C. Montes, E. Llarena, R. González, M. Delgado Information
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