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2022 Influence of Metallization Screen Parameters on Silver Paste Consumption Reduction for Commercial Mono PERC Solar Cell Production E. Han, M. Raval, F. Çambay Kuban, S. Chandrill, M. Ender, F. Es, P. Fath, A. Aktas, S. Karyeyen Information
2022 In-depth Exposure of New Phase in Poly-Silicon of TOPCon Device: Is Phosphorus Bonded Oxygen Present? Z.Q. Ma, Y.L. Wang, Z.X. Lan Information
2022 Investigation on the Passivation Quality of Ex-Situ Doped (p+) and (n+) Poly-Si Layers for IBC Solar Cells V.V. Kuruganti, R. Kopecek, S. Seren, O. Isabella, V.D. Mihailetchi Information
2022 Interface between Poly-Si on Oxide Passivated Si Bottom and Perovskite Top Cells – Search for the Leanest and Best Working Layer Stack R. Peibst, C. Schwarz, Y. Larionova, S. Wolter, M. Rienäcker, T. Wietler, M. Diederich, R. Brendel Information
2022 Industrial and Sustainable Strategy for Heterojunction Interconnection V. Barth, R. Monna, R. Soulas, F. Pernoud, A. Bettinelli, C. Carrière, B. Hladys, C. Lucas, S. Harrison, N. Gazbour, E. Voroshazi Information
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