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2020 Influence of PV and Battery Degradation on Residential Solar Panel Systems O. Alavi, W. De Ceuninck, M. Meuris, M. Daenen Information
2020 Innovative Self-Consumption and Aggregation Concepts for PV Prosumers: Results of the PV-Prosumers4Grid Project W.G.J.H.M. van Sark, J. Radl, A. Fleischhacker, G. Lettner, W. Schram, A. Louwen, L.A. Aguilar, M. Roos, C. Grundner, M. Jimeno, D. Hendricks, J. Vollmer, P. Bancourt, R. Battisti, K. Moosdorf, H. Kuittinen, E. Román Medina, A. Joyce, G. Masson, G. Neubourg, J. Donoso Alonso, P. Santos, C. Winter, N. Diewald, U. Winter Information
2020 Investigating the Effect of Interstitial Fe Impurity Contamination on n-Type Cz-Silicon Material for High Efficiency Solar Cell Processing A. Hajjiah, H. Badran, I. Gordon, J. Szlufcik, J. Poortmans, J. John Information
2020 Insights on Cell Edge Defects Impact and Post-Process Repassivation for Heterojunction B. Portaluppi, S. Harrison, V. Giglia, A. Sekkat, D. Munoz-Rojas Information
2020 Improving the Quality of PV Plant Performance Analysis by Increasing Data Integrity and Reliability: a Data-Driven Approach Using Machine Learning Techniques G. Oviedo Hernández, E. Capra, S. Lindig, P.V. Chiantore, D. Moser Information
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