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2019 Investigation of Laser Damage for Selective Emitter Silicon Solar Cells J. Dong, Z. Zhang, Z. Ma, Q. Ye, W. Wang, J. Sheng, C. Zhang Information
2019 Incidence Angle Modifier Evaluation for DSM Coating Technologies P. Pasmans, N. Voicu, F. Dross, P. Tummers, A. Faes, J. Levrat, J. Champliaud, M. Despeisse, M. Caccivio, B. Custodio Information
2019 Investigation of the Temperature Dependence of the Optical Properties of Silicon Nitride Anti-Reflection Coating on Silicon Photovoltaic Modules M.F. Zhang, R. Bhoopathy, A. Gentle, Z. Hameiri Information
2019 Identification of Series Resistance from the Measured PV Panel Electrical Characteristics H. Kalliojärvi-Viljakainen, G. Spagnuolo, S. Valkealahti Information
2019 Industrialization of Ribbon Interconnection for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells with Electrically Conductive Adhesives T. Geipel, V. Nikitina, L. Pitta Bauermann, E. Fokuhl, E. Schnabel, D. Erath, A. Krieg, A. Kraft, T. Fischer, R. Lorenz, D. Breitenbücher Information
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