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Impact of Self-Consumption on Integration of Photovoltaics in Martinique: Simulation Results from the Insolations Project
F. Bourry, F. Al-Shakarchi, N. Martin, S. Darivon, L. Bellemare
Battery / Batteries, Self-Consumption, Photovoltaic (PV), Residential, Island
PV System Performance and Integration
Subtopic: Grid and Energy System Integration
Event: 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 6CO.16.6
2067 - 2068
ISBN: 3-936338-47-7
Paper DOI: 10.4229/EUPVSEC20172017-6CO.16.6
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper, presentation


The large scale integration of photovoltaic (PV) generation may significantly impact the reliable operation of the power system, and particularly for insular grids. In this context, combining PV and storage systems can be considered as a solution to limit these impacts, relying on an increase of PV self-consumption. However, the large deployment of PV self-consumption systems also considerably affects the power system operation, from local solar home system operation to production mix at the territory level. It also modifies the economic flows between the different actors along the power system. In this context, the INSOLATIONS project has been carried out in order to technically and economically assess the impact of a large scale deployment of self-consumption solar home systems in Martinique island (French West Indies). An additional contribution from the project is the identification of the technical and financial required conditions for the deployment of PV self-consumption systems in Martinique. This analysis has been done through simulations of individual systems and their aggregated impact on the global mix. Positive and negative externalities have been considered. The study is focused on self-consumption systems deployed at the residential level.