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2017 Kerf-Less Wafering Using Polymer Split Method for Photovoltaic Solar Cells and Modules S. Schoenfelder, F. Kaule, S. Schindler, R. Lantzsch, K. Petter, C. Beyer, J. Richter Information
2013 Key Developments in CdTe Thin Film Solar Cell Back-Contact A. Bosio, N. Romeo, D. Menossi, P.P. Lottici, A. Romeo, I. Rimmaudo, A. Salavei Information
2011 KWh Output Is Not the Main Objective of Photovoltaic C. Erban Information
2009 Knowledge, Skill and Competence in PV Installations P. Pistochini, A. Moreno, S. Castello, L. Bonfiglio Information
2009 Kerf-Free 20-150┬Ám c-Si Wafering for Thin PV Manufacturing F. Henley, S. Kang, Z. Liu, L. Tian, J. Wang, Y.L. Chow Information
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