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2014 Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM): Investigation of Local Boron Doped Emitter Regions Formed by Inkjet Boron Inks for Industrially Feasible IBC Solar Cells D. Sommer, S. Fritz, A. Herguth, S. Ohl, G. Hahn, B. Terheiden Information
2013 Key Aspects on Depostion of TCO Material for Heterojunction Solar Cells G. Xiong, X.-S. Wang, L. Zhang Information
2013 Key Developments in CdTe Thin Film Solar Cell Back-Contact A. Bosio, N. Romeo, D. Menossi, P.P. Lottici, A. Romeo, I. Rimmaudo, A. Salavei Information
2013 Kinetic Description and Modeling of Potential Induced Degradation C. Taubitz, M. Kröber, M. Schütze, M.B. Koentopp Information
2012 Kesterite Thin Films of Cu2ZnSnS4 Obtained by Spray Pyrolysis L.I. Bruc, M.S. Guc, M.I. Rusu, D.A. Serban, A.V. Simashkevich, S. Schorr, V. Izquierdo Roca, A. Pérez-Rodríguez, E.K. Arushanov Information
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