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2014 Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM): Investigation of Local Boron Doped Emitter Regions Formed by Inkjet Boron Inks for Industrially Feasible IBC Solar Cells D. Sommer, S. Fritz, A. Herguth, S. Ohl, G. Hahn, B. Terheiden Information
2013 Kinetic Description and Modeling of Potential Induced Degradation C. Taubitz, M. Kröber, M. Schütze, M.B. Köntopp Information
2012 Kinetic Aspects of the Contact Formation by Glass Containing Silver Pastes M. Eberstein, J. Schilm, K. Reinhardt, U. Partsch Information
2012 Keynote Presentation: Harvesting Sunshine: Solar Cells, Photosynthesis and the Thermodynamics of Light T. Markvart, L. Danos, N. Alderman, T. Parel Information
2011 Kerf-Free Wafering for High-Volume, High-Efficiency c-Si Cell F. Henley, S. Kang, A. Brailove, A. Fujisaka Information
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