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2012 Kesterite Thin Films of Cu2ZnSnS4 Obtained by Spray Pyrolysis L.I. Bruc, M.S. Guc, M.I. Rusu, D.A. Serban, A.V. Simashkevich, S. Schorr, V. Izquierdo Roca, A. Pérez-Rodríguez, E.K. Arushanov Information
2012 Key Aspects on Development of High Efficiency Heterojunction and IBC-Heterojunction Solar Cells: Towards 22% Efficiency on Industrial Size D. Muñoz, T. Desrues, A.-S. Ozanne, S. de Vecchi, S. Martin de Nicolàs, F. Jay, F. Souche, N. Nguyen, C. Denis, C. Arnal, G. d'Alonzo, J. Coignus, W. Favre, T. Blevin, A. Valla, F. Ozanne, T. Salvetat, P.J. Ribeyron Information
2012 Keynote Presentation: Harvesting Sunshine: Solar Cells, Photosynthesis and the Thermodynamics of Light T. Markvart, L. Danos, N. Alderman, T. Parel Information
2011 KWh Output Is Not the Main Objective of Photovoltaic C. Erban Information
2011 Kerf-Free Wafering for High-Volume, High-Efficiency c-Si Cell F. Henley, S. Kang, A. Brailove, A. Fujisaka Information
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