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2010 Kinetics Modeling of Gases with Argon Plasma in a Reactor with Hollow Cathode Discharge F.C. Tung, P.S. Wu, S.W. Chau, T. Suzuki, T.C. Wei, C.H. Lin, Q.T. Pham Information
2009 Knowledge, Skill and Competence in PV Installations P. Pistochini, A. Moreno, S. Castello, L. Bonfiglio Information
2009 Kerf-Free 20-150┬Ám c-Si Wafering for Thin PV Manufacturing F. Henley, S. Kang, Z. Liu, L. Tian, J. Wang, Y.L. Chow Information
2009 KOH/Surfactant as an Alternative to KOH/IPA for Texturisation of Monocrystalline Silicon E. Wefringhaus, A. Helfricht Information
2008 Kerf-Free Silicon Wafering Equipment Configurations Using Beam-Induced Cleave Technology F. Henley, A. Brailove, A. Lamm, T. Heerwagen, E. Sauar, M. Nese, R. Steeman, B. Hammel Information
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