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Key Innovations on Power Electronics and Communications Leading to a LCOE Reduction of Solar PV
J.L. Domínguez-García, L. Trilla, P. Paradell Sola, V. Izquierdo Roca, D. Horbacauskas, J. Ulbikas, K. Khemiri, M. Jankovec, D. Golob, J. Aimé
Photovoltaic Modules and BoS Components
Subtopic: Inverters and Balance of System Components
Event: 37th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 4AV.3.11
ISBN: 3-936338-73-6
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Document(s): poster


Solar PV installations are growing rapidly and market forecast foresee it as the key renewable source in the electrical generation mix. These previsions are linked with a continuous reduction of costs, which is expected to be below conventional generation sources. In this regard, the PV cost can be roughly divided into two parts module and Balance of plant (BoP). This fact means that power converters and other BoP equipment may have a relevant impact on LCOE reduction. In addition, LCOE is impacted by efficiency, O&M and lifetime which increase reduction opportunities. In this regard, such cost reduction may be achieved by different means as reducing the component cost, increasing the system global efficiency, reducing the operation and maintenance actions, among others. To do so, SUPERPV project aims to implement novel solutions for PV plant power electronics on module and plant level to maximize power output and minimise O&M costs. It brings innovation in aspects of power and communication hardware and software to assure optimal PV power plant operation.