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2020 LCA of a Photovoltaic System with Hetero-Junction Modules and Mono-Axial Tracker A. Danelli, A. Gargiulo, P. Girardi Information
2020 Land Use Intensity and Land Occupation of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants in Continental Portugal J. Tavora, M.J. Cortinhal, M. Meireles Information
2020 Loss Analysis and Efficiency Potentials for CIGS PV Modules without and with Metal Grid: Experimental Results Analyzed by Simulation R. W├Ąchter, G. Kaune, T. Repmann, K. Orgassa Information
2020 Low Temperature Lead Free Solder Pastes for Shingling Interconnection N.S. Pujari, P.M. Krithika, P. Vishwanath, S. Sarkar, C. Bilgrien Information
2020 LeTID- and (Extended) BO-Related Degradation and Regeneration in B- and Ga-Doped Monocrystalline Silicon During Dark and Illuminated Anneals W. Kwapil, J. Dalke, T. Niewelt, M.C. Schubert Information
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