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2022 LeTID in Real Life: Incoming Cell Qualification for Module Manufacturers A. Ciesla, M. Kim, A. Teymouri, L. Wang, C. Chan, R. Chen, P. Manshanden, B. Van Aken, J.J. Dijksterhuis, B. Hallam, G. Coletti Information
2022 Lead-Free PV Modules: Industrial Realization and Evaluation of Environmental Impact P. Gebhardt, S. Hoffmann, T. Wenzel, L. Friedrich, S. Herceg, D.M. Subasi, A. De Rose, A. Lorenz, D. Philipp Information
2022 Low Temperature Solar Cell Encapsulation with Novel Silicone Elastomer for Building Integrated PV G. Beaucarne, M. Zelba, E. Jadot, J. Curon, F. Gubbels, V. Hayez, B. Sanabria Arenas, G. Chambard, R. Karoblis Information
2022 Life Expectancy of PV Inverters and Optimizers in Residential PV Systems C. Bucher, J. Wandel, D. Joss Information
2022 Lifetime Prediction of Photovoltaic Modules: Towards a Generalized Physics-Based Approach I. Kaaya, S. Ramesh, A. Alzade, A. Tuomiranta, J. Ascencio-Vásquez, D. Saelens, I. Gordon Information
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