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2020 Lifetime Analysis of Bifacial-Ready Contacting of Busbarless and Multibusbar Solar Cells for Industrial Mass Production P. Waleska, D. Kösters, K. Ramspeck, M. Meixner Information
2020 Loss Analysis and Efficiency Potentials for CIGS PV Modules without and with Metal Grid: Experimental Results Analyzed by Simulation R. Wächter, G. Kaune, T. Repmann, K. Orgassa Information
2020 LeTID Impact on Bifacial Modules Using Accelerated Aging Tests, Electroluminescence and PV Plant Modelling J. Dupuis, G. Plessis, G. El Hajje, E. Lajoie-Mazenc, E. Sandré, K. Radouane, P. Dupeyrat Information
2020 Luminescent Characteristics of Wire-on-Well Nanostructure Solar Cells M. Asami, R. Yokota, K. Watanabe, Y. Nakano, M. Sugiyama Information
2020 LeTID- and (Extended) BO-Related Degradation and Regeneration in B- and Ga-Doped Monocrystalline Silicon During Dark and Illuminated Anneals W. Kwapil, J. Dalke, T. Niewelt, M.C. Schubert Information
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