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2021 Luminescent Solar Concentrator Photovoltaics Devices: Improving the Power Conversion Efficiency by Geometric Design Modifications X. Zhu, M. Aghaei, A.H.M.E. Reinders Information
2021 Local PECVD SiOxNy/n-Poly-Si Deposition through a Shadow Mask for POLO IBC Solar Cells V. Mertens, S. Schäfer, M. Stöhr, A. Mercker, A. Köhler, L. Mettner, R. Brendel, N. Ambrosius, T. Pernau, H. Haverkamp, T. Dullweber Information
2021 LeTID: Electrical Parameters Trend of Bifacial Silicon Modules Using Accelerated Aging Tests and Statistical Modelling G. Plessis, J. Dupuis, O.L. Rhazi, E. Sandré, K. Radouane Information
2021 Lightweight Glass-Free Solar Modules Based on Polycarbonate and Fiberglass Protective Sheets S. Yakovlev, I. Dmitriev, E. Schebet, K. Emtsev, D. Andronikov, D. Orekhov, I. Shakhray Information
2020 Limitations of the Growth Rate of Silicon Mono Ingots Grown by the Czochralski Technique F. Mosel, A.V. Denisov, B. Klipp, N. Sennova, C. Kranert, T. Jung, M. Trempa, C. Reimann, J. Friedrich Information
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