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2021 Long-Term Performance of Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems and Shade Induced Degradation A. Fairbrother, H. Quest, E. Özkalay, P. Wälchli, G. Friesen, C. Ballif, A. Virtuani Information
2021 LCOH Calculation of Hydrogen Electrolysis from Off-Grid PV Plant Using Two Different Methods J. Lehmann, A. Wabbes, E. Miguelañez Gonzalez, S. Scheerlinck Information
2021 Large Size Flexible and Laminated Space Photovoltaic Arrays T. Guerin, C. Jamin, P. Voarino, D. Vergnet, P. Zevenbergen, R. Cariou Information
2021 Lifetime Evaluation of Encapsulated Carbon Based Perovskite Cells Exposed to Damp-Heat Conditions N. Kyranaki, M. Matheron, C. Farha, L. Perrin, L. Flandin, E. Planès, L. Wagner, K. Saddedine, D. Martineau, S. Cros Information
2021 Lessons Learned from Simulating the Energy Yield of an Agrivoltaic Project with Vertical Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules in France J. Robledo Bueno, J. Leloux, B. Sarr, C.A. Gueymard, A. Driesse, P.-F. Drouin, S. Ortega, D. André Information
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