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2013 Long Term Analysis of Dielectric DC Strength of Photovoltaic Module Back Side Isolation Sheets under Thermal Influence B. Gehle, N. Bogdanski, J. Althaus, R. Schumacher, C. Humpert Information
2012 Laser Processing for Manufacturing of High Efficiency and Thin Silicon Solar Cells Status of the European Eurogia+ LAPSIS Project N. Le Quang, S. Gall, J.-F. Lerat, T. Emeraud, A. Slaoui, F. Mermet, A. Bahouka, M. Gauthier, J. John, O. Kim-Hak Information
2012 Lessons Learned on Power Management and Voltage Regulation in Large Photovoltaic Power Plants L. Johnson, S. Sivakumar, J. Lian Information
2011 Lateral Spectrum Splitting Concentrator PV Modules: Performance, Energy Cost and Pathway to 40+% X. Wang, A. Barnett Information
2011 Low Temperature Deposition of Chemically Converted Graphene Films on Large Area Silicon For Solar Cell Applications S.Zh. Karazhanov, F. Ait Medjane, N.H. Andersen, J. Zhu, O.V. Saure, N. Popovici, A. Holt, A. Karlsson, R. Wendelbo Information
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