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2020 LeTID- and (Extended) BO-Related Degradation and Regeneration in B- and Ga-Doped Monocrystalline Silicon During Dark and Illuminated Anneals W. Kwapil, J. Dalke, T. Niewelt, M.C. Schubert Information
2019 Large Area TOPCon Cells Realized by a PECVD Tube Process F. Feldmann, T. Fellmeth, B. Steinhauser, H. Nagel, D. Ourinson, S. Mack, E. Lohmüller, J.-I. Polzin, J. Benick, A. Richter, A. Moldovan, M. Bivour, F. Clement, J. Rentsch, M. Hermle, S.W. Glunz Information
2019 Lessons from Large-Scale Solar in Australia L. McLeod, G. Dickeson, C. Paynter, B. Herteleer, L. Frearson, M. Tuckwell, M. Miller, D. Scheltus Information
2019 Laser Enhanced Contact Optimization (LECO) and LECO-Specific Pastes –A Novel Technology for Improved Cell Efficiency R.W. Mayberry, K. Myers, V. Chandrasekaran, A. Henning, H. Zhao, E. Hofmüller Information
2019 Legal, Technical and Operational Feedback - PV System with Storage for Self-Consumption N. Lebert, B. Gaiddon, J. Buffiere, F. Lagut, S. Fraisse Information
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