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Luminescence Imaging Strategies for Drone-Based PV Array Inspection
G.A. dos Reis Benatto, N. Riedel-Lyngskær, C. Mantel, S. Thorsteinsson, P.B. Poulsen, M. Chi, A. Thorseth, O. Jensen, C. Dam-Hansen, S. Forchhammer, K.H.B. Frederiksen, J. Vedde, M. Petersen, H. Voss, M. Messerschmidt, H. Parikh, S. Spataru, D. Sera
Defects, Photoluminescence, Electroluminescence, Inspection
PV System Performance and Integration
Subtopic: Design and Operation of PV Systems
Event: 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 6CO.15.3
2016 - 2020
ISBN: 3-936338-47-7
Paper DOI: 10.4229/EUPVSEC20172017-6CO.15.3
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Document(s): paper


The goal of this work is to develop outdoor defect detection imaging and understand fully its challenges and limitations. The imaging is based on luminescence strategies that will be used for fast and accurate UAV-based inspection system for PV power plants. We studied electroluminescence (EL) acquisition under natural light conditions during several times of the day, under high sun irradiation, to unveil the sunlight noise characteristics towards an InGaAs detector. In order to bring more freedom to a drone-based inspection, we also show the preliminary results of a laser-line based photoluminescence (PL) strategy as a viable method for an outdoor module PL imaging system.